AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
162 Chapter 13: DiskTool
E = Erase (Write zeros to all blocks) physical device.
{/E|-E} <DeviceName>
disktool e /dev/hd0
This command writes zeros to all sectors on device /dev/hd0.
N = Create a new blank image file that represents a freshly formatted device.
{/N|-N} <ImageName> <ImageSize>
disktool n image.hdd 102400
This command creates an image file named image.hdd that represents a physical
hard-disk drive containing 102400 sectors (each sector is 512 bytes).
13.2 GUI Mode
The DiskTool GUI window is shown in Figure 13-2. DiskTool will only display floppy
drives, and DVD/CD and HDD drives that are connected to either the primary or the
secondary IDE controller. It will not display external USB or firewire drives, drives
attached to SCSI controllers, etc.
DiskTool displays the names of these devices in the Physical Drives list box, using
names appropriate for the host operating system. When running under Windows, the
Physical Drives list box will show you the physical drives, and in parenthesis, the logical
drive letters that are associated with the partitions on that drive. Selecting any of these
physical devices causes DiskTool to display information about that device in the lower
Drive Information list box.
DiskTool also displays information about all identified devices in a shell window. The
DiskTool shell window is shown in Figure 13-1.