AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
174 Chapter 15: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What devices are supported?
See Section 7, “Device Configuration”, on page 53.
What about graphics/video adapter?
See Section 1, Overview”, on page 1 and Section 7.4, Emerald Graphics Device on
page 65.
What about networking?
See Section 7.24, “E1000 Network Adapter Device”, on page 124.
How does the simulator access media? What are Hard Disk, DVD-/ CD-ROM Disk, or
Floppy Disk images?
See Section 4, Disk Images”, on page 35.
How do I create Disk images? What is DiskTool?
See Section 4, “Disk Images”, on page 35.
How do I attach to a Hard Disk, DVD-/CD-ROM Disk, or Floppy Disk image?
All three kinds of images, including blank Hard Disk images of the desired size, can be
created on both Windows 64 Beta and Linux-64 Hosts with our DiskTool program
provided in the simulator release package.
The usage is relatively self-explanatory from its GUI, and it can also be run from the
command-line. Check out the command-line options via "DiskTool -h".
So, this file allows you to save a running simulation to a file. At any later time, you can
open this file in SimNow to restore the simulation to the same point where you left off.
How do I access the integrated Debugger?
See Section 10, “CPU Debugger”, on page 147.
How do I copy files into the simulator?
See Section 5.2.1, “Assigning Disk-Image”, on page 42.
How do I copy files out of the simulator?
See Section 5.2.1, “Assigning Disk-Image”, on page 42.
Where can I find the POST codes/Diagnostic port values of the simulation?
See Section 3.4.1, “SimStats and Diagnostic Ports”, on page 29.
How do I edit device configurations in SimNow?
See Section 3.2, “Device Window”, on page 9.
How do I change a BIOS in a BSD?
See Section 7.7, “Memory Device - Configuration Options”, on page 81.