AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
230 Appendix A
Automation Command
Memdump <FileName>
Set the memory dump file name.
Resets the simulation, see also Section 3.1,
Tool Bar Buttons”, on page 7.
Lists all created devices.
AddDevice <Device Name> [<x> <y>]]
Creates a device and adds the device to the
device window at position (x, y). „x‟ and „y‟ are
pixel coordinates inside the device window.
Connections <Device Name>
Lists all connections that a device has.
Connect <Device Name1> [connect point1]
[Device Name2] [connect point2]
Connects „Device Name1‟ and „Device Name2
using „connect point1‟ and „connect point2‟.
AvailablePorts <Device Name>
Lists available ports of device „Device Name‟.
Disconnect <Device Name>
Disconnects all connections of device „Device
DeleteDevice <Device Name>
Deletes device „Device Name‟ from simulated
system and removes it from device window.
Lists all devices that are known by the
simulator. These devices are stored in
MoveDevice <Device Name> <x> <y>
Moves the specified device „Device Name‟ to
x/y coordinates in device window. This
command only work when GUI mode is active.
Creates a new BSD file.
Returns the location/postion (x, y) of the device
<Device Name> in the device window. 'x' and
'y' are pixel coordinates inside the device
window. For example, Location "USB
JumpDrive" returns "USB JumpDrive" 152 382
where 152 is the 'x' coordinate and 382 is the 'y'
Displays all information stored in SimNow‟s
SetMPQuantum <time (nanoseconds)>
Sets the time in nanoseconds for a CPU before
switching to next CPU in a MP system.
Modifying the MP Quantum might have a huge
impact on the simulated MP system.
Returns the current MP Quantum value (see also
GDB -d [[udp|tcp][::] [<port>]]
Sets up the simulators gdb interface. The default
protocol is tcp and the default port is 2222. If
you don't define any parameters the default
protocol and port will be used. You can override
tcp with udp. The following example shows
how to override the default protocol and port
parameters: "shell.gdb udp::2233".
The host parameter [::] can't be changed it is
always set to localhost. For more information
please refer to Section 11.2, "GDB Interface",
on page 156.