AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
4 Chapter 2: Installation
begin the installation, as follows. To install under Windows, double-click on the self-
extracting executable. To install under Linux, extract the zipped tar file as shown below:
tar xzf Simnow-Linux64-<version>.tar.gz
2.3 Directory Structure and Executable
After the opening screen and license agreement are displayed, you will be prompted to
choose an installation directory. When you select this, the install program will copy the
executable files and device models to the selected directory and setup the registry entries
necessary to run the simulator.
The install program will create the following subdirectories under the install directory:
Under Windows each model is a Windows DLL. Under Linux each model is a Linux library. Each model has a ".bsl"
2.4 Setting up Linux for the Simulator
Make a file: "/etc/sysctl.conf" (or add to the existing one)
# This is here to make sure we get enough "mmap"able virtual address
# space, in 4K pages. It defaults to 65536, which is generally
# too small.
vm.max_map_count = 1048576
# This line doesn't need to be here for newer Linux kernels, but some
# early AMD64 Linux kernels would log SEGVs even if a process had a
# handler for them, which is what SimNow does.
debug.exception-trace = 0
Example 2-1: Setting up Linux for the Simulator
Then run "sysctl -p", or make sure the boot sequence does this if you don't want to run it
at each reboot.
Newer Linux distributions may set a per-process memory limit by default. SimNow
allocates a large amount of memory that is never touched. This untouched memory will
not be backed by DRAM or swap, but Linux counts it against SimNows process memory
limit when it comes to resource limits.
Contains the simulator’s executable, DiskTool, libraries, and BSD files.
analyzers Contains CPU analyzers.
devices Contains the simulator's device models.
help Contains the simulator’s help files.
icons Contains icons used by the simulator’s GUI components.
images Contains image files.
productfile Contains processor-id files.
reg Contains register script files used to register simulator components.
devel Contains the Emerald BIOS changes and analyzer header files.
tools Contains utilities used to prepare images and register components for the simulation.
doc Contains the latest versions of the simulator documentation.