AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Chapter 15: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 175
How do I change the amount of system RAM installed in a BSD?
See Section 7.3, “DIMM Device”, on page 59.
How do I change the processor type of a processor in a BSD?
See Section 7.1, “AweSim Processor Device - Configuration Options”, on page 55.
How do I enable or disable IDE Hard Disk image journaling?
See Section 5.2.1, “Assigning Disk-Image”, on page 42 or A.7.2 IDE on page 232.
Why does Windows Server 2003 crash?
See Section A.3, “Supported Guest Operating Systems”, on page 181.
DiskTool displays an “Operation failed!” message box.
See Section 13.2, “GUI Mode”, on page 162.
Why doesn’t the simulator work on Linux kernels prior to version 2.6.10?
See Section 2.1, “System Requirements”, on page 3.
Why is the graphics performance in simulation so slow?
See Section 7.4, “Emerald Graphics Device - Improve Graphics Performance”, on page
Why doesn’t the simulated Operating System correctly recognize the DVD/CD after I
changed the DVD/CD image?
When changing DVD/CD images clear the old image, allow the simulation to run for a
couple of seconds, and then set the new image. This gives the Operating System a chance
to see that the DVD-/CD-ROM is "not ready", and it more correctly detects that the
DVD/CD image has changed. For example:
<press "Stop" button>
1 simnow>ide:1.image 0 off
<press "go" button>
<wait 5 seconds>
<press "Stop" button>
1 simnow>ide:1.image 0 c:\fc3-x86_64-disc2.iso
The serial connection to Microsoft’s KLernel Debugger seems to be unstable. What
can I do?
See Section 11.1, "Kernel Debugger", on page 155.
How can I obtain the full release version of the simulator?
See Section 1, “Overview”, on page 1.
Why doesn’t the OS find a connected USB device?
The USB port may not be soft-enabled. For example to soft-enable USB port: