AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
250 Appendix A
1 simnow>jumpdrive.loadimage c:\test.img
A.7.27 E1000
The NIC device provides the following automation commands that can be used to
configure the device.
1 simnow> e1000.usage
Automation Command
log enable|disable cmoidtr
Enables or disables message logging for
PCI Config (c), MMIO (m), I/O (o),
Unmasked Interrupts (i), MDI (d), Frame
Transfers (t), or Frame Receptions (r).
Displays the current log-status.
setMediatorHost [domain@]hostname[:port]
Sets the mediator connect string. The
domain string and the port number are
optional. The default domain string is null.
The default port is 8196. The hostname is
the host in which the mediator is running.
Outputs the current mediator connect
Sets the MAC Address to be used by the
Retrieves the MAC Address being used by
the adapter.
linkConnect auto|down
Restarts link negotiation (auto) for the
adapter, or forces a link disconnect (down).
tune {intthrtl|rxdelay|txdelay} value
Sets certain synthetic delay- and throttle-
values which gives the user the opportunity
to change the default settings to get
optimal results. intthrt sets the interrupt
throttle rate to value. rxdelay sets the
amount of link idle time required before
generating an rx interrupt to value. txdelay
sets the amount of link idle time required
before generating an tx interrupt to value.
Displays the values set by using the
automation command tune.
A.7.28 XTR
1 simnow> xtrnb.usage
Automation Command
xtrfile <filename.xml>
Sets XTRXML file to use during
debug <0|1>
Enables (1) or Disables (0) extended debug
information for XTR Playback.