AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Chapter 4: Disk Images 37
To create a blank disk image click on the "Create Blank Disk Image" button on the right
side of the DiskTool dialog window (see Figure 4-1). A "Save As" dialog will ask you for
the location and image filename that will be created. Choose the location where you want
to store the blank image file and then enter the image filename. Click on the "Save"
button. An additional dialog, see Figure 4-3, is presented that allows you to select how
large the blank image file should be.
Figure 4-3: New Image Size
Before you start creating a new blank disk image make sure that the image will be large
enough to install Windows or Linux on it. You can enter the image size in MB or in
number of sectors. We recommend an image size of 4-GB. Increase the value of "Image
Size (MB)" to 4096 and then click on the "Ok" button to create the image file. A progress
bar will inform you of the progress being made (see Figure 4-4).
Figure 4-4: Create Blank Image
Once the image is created successfully DiskTool will display a message box, as shown in
Figure 4-5. Click on the "Ok" button.