AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Chapter 15: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 173
15 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why is the mouse cursor very difficult to control inside the simulated display area?
The mouse on the Host and in the Guest do not track each other very well in general. We
provide another mouse mode to help with this. Click on the menu item "Special
Keyboard→Grab Mouse and Keyboard", see Section 5.2.3, Interaction with the
Simulated Machine”, on page 45.
Please note that this mode has interaction issues with the Exceed X-server on Windows if
you're running a Linux hosted version of the simulator and displaying it over a network
to a Windows PC desktop.
Why does the on-line help not work on Linux?
Quit any local Mozilla browsers before clicking on the on-line help menu items or
buttons in the simulator.
What is SimNow™ software?
See Section 1, “Overview”, on page 1.
Is SimNow faster than my old Vax 780?
See Section 1, “Overview”, on page 1.
What is a "BSD" file?
See Section 6.1, “BSD Files”, on page 49.
What do you need to run the simulator?
See Section 2, “Installation”, on page 3.
What generic BSD files are provided with the simulator?
See Section A.2.1, “Computer Platform Files”, on page 178.
How do I load a BSD file?
See Section 5.1.1, “Open a Simulation Definition File”, on page 40.
How do I Start, Stop, Reset, Press Soft Sleep, or Press Soft Power for simulations?
See Section 3.1, “Tool Bar Buttons”, on page 7.
What kind of hardware does the simulator require?
See Section 2.1, “System Requirements”, on page 3.
What host operating systems can the simulator be run on?
See Section 2.1, “System Requirements”, on page 3.
What Guest operating systems are supported?
See Section A.3, “Supported Guest Operating Systems”, on page 180.