AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Chapter 3: Graphical User Interface 29
3.3.8 Ungrouping a created device group
Since a device group is really just a container for its child device's, with its own identity
as a device, it is simple to ungroup a device group, on either the GUI or the console. In
the show devices GUI, right-click a device group, click Ungroup Device”. Or, in the
console, execute the command:
shell.UngroupDevice [created device group]
3.4 Main Window
The AMD SimNow Main Window, shown in Figure 3-1, is the main application
window. It contains a Menu Bar with a set of pull down menus, and a Tool Bar, both of
which control many aspects of the simulation environment. The console window, shown
in Figure 3-15, provides a textual interface for status information and command-line style
control, see Section A.7, “Automation Commands”, on page 227.
Figure 3-15: Console Window
3.4.1 SimStats and Diagnostic Ports
The SimStats and Diagnostic Ports numeric displays appear in the Main Window when a
Southbridge device is added to the workspace. The SimStats display shows host and
simulation elapsed time and a simulation MIPS counter that is updated as the simulation
runs. The simulator effectively has a built-in POST card output, ports 80h to 87h and e0h
to e3h. You can see these codes on the right upper part of the Main Window in the
"Diagnostic Ports" section.