AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
134 Chapter 7: Device Configuration
7.27 ATI RS480/RS780/RD790/RD890 Northbridge Devices
The ATI RS480/RD790/RS780 feature set includes an upstream HyperTransport CPU
interface, a PCI-E interface, and an A-Link PCI-E dowstream interface to the
SouthBridge. Depending on the part and the platform, each device may have some
number of available PCI-E slots to connect with endpoint devices.
These Northbridge devices provide an upstream HyperTransport interface for
communication with the Host. The Downstream link is a 2x or 4x PCI-E link used for
communication with a SouthBridge device. Several PCI-E slot interfaces are also
available. The number of slots varies by part and platform specifications.
Contents of a BSD
The current state of all PCI configuration registers and any internal state variables are
saved in the BSD.
Configuration Options
No configuration options currently.
Log Messages
No logging is provided, other than the global options provided by each device. See
Section 9.3, “I/O Logging”, on page 144 for more information.
Difference from Real Hardware
The ATI RS480 and ATI RS780 device models do not simulate their integrated graphics
processors. The RS780 model does not simulate the integrated HD Audio device.