AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
244 Appendix A
Automation Command
Displays information if the initializer is used and if the
memory initialization is activated.
DisableCache < 0 | 1 >
Sets memory region to cacheable (0) or non-cacheable
Returns true if non-cacheable otherwise it returns false.
Displays Memory configuration information.
FlashMode < 0 | 1 >
Enables (1) or disables (0) this device to be used as a
flash ROM.
FlashUpdateFile < 0 | 1 >
Enables (1) or disbales (0) writes to the flash ROM to
update the ROM image.
ncHTMode < 0 | 1 >
Enables (1) or disables (0) decoding of HyperTransport
ForceInitFile <filename>
The ForceInitFile command allows the user to change
the BIOS ROM path once the simulation has already
started. This is legitimate only when the new BIOS
ROM is a byte-for-byte copy of the initial BIOS ROM
that simulation began with (i.e., same file, different
Prints which of the two command sequences the flash
device is programmed to.
CommandSequence < 0 | 1 >
0-SST, 1-ATMEL. Allows to set the command sequence
to SST or ATMEL.
Tells you if the device is configured to act as a flash
FlashMode < 0 | 1 >
Allows the user to set the memory device as flash
A.7.23 Raid
1 simnow> raid.usage
Automation Command
Noise [ {enable|disable} ]
Enable to print debug messages; otherwise disable.
RomImage <File name>
Allows a boot ROM image to be supported - at the
moment the emulation does not work with any known
ROM images.
SetVolume <Vol #> <Image file> [
<Journal file> ]
This was the original way to setup the image and journal
files - rather than having two separate commands.
DeleteVolume <Vol #>
Undoes the Image or Journal commands and puts the
volume back in an unintialized state.
This command flushes the in-memory caches out to the
Type {5304|5312}
This was supposed to allow support for both the 5304
(default) and 5312 cards - the 5312 support is not well
Image <Vol #> <Image file>
Creates a volume for the give disk image (For e.g.,
raid.image 0 i:\c0d0.img).
GetImage <Vol #>
Displays the disk image for the given volume.