AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
72 Chapter 7: Device Configuration
Figure 7-11: Matrox G400 Configuration Properties
The BIOS ROM File input field gives you the ability to load different Matrox G400 BIOS
ROMs into the device. This is in particular useful if Matrox releases a new BIOS ROM
file which has improvements or bug fixes.
To check for new Matrox BIOS ROM releases go to
The Matrox G400 ROM has a maximum size of 32-Kbytes, and is assigned to ISA bus
address 0x000C0000 - 0x000C7FFF, which is the industry-standard location.
The Configuration tab lets you choose from six different Matrox G400 graphics adapters.
For instance, if you prefer to use a Matrox Millennium G400, SingleHead, 16 Mbytes of
SDRAM, with a 300 MHz RAMDAC, instead of the default adapter then select this
adapter from the Millennium G400 Adapters list. To apply the new configuration, click
on the „Ok‟ button.
Note if you make any changes in the Configuration tab you must restart or reset your
simulation before the new configuration will take effect!
Difference from Real Hardware
The Matrox G400 graphics device is a faithful simulation of the software-visible portion
of a Matrox G400 adapter; it is not a model of the specific Matrox G400 hardware.
Because of this, the graphics device is not equivalent in certain areas. Any issues related