AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
98 Chapter 7: Device Configuration
7.13 AMD-8131 PCI-X
The AMD-8131 PCI-X Controller is a HyperTransport tunnel that provides two PCI-X
buses and two IOAPICs. These PCI-X buses may or may not be configured as hot-plug-
capable, depending on the platform.
The AMD-8131 has two types of interfaces, HyperTransport and PCI buses. It has two
HyperTransport links, HT0 and HT1, that can connected to other non-coherent
HyperTransport link-capable devices. The PCI bus interfaces in the AMD-8131 must be
connected to a PCI bus device, which provides the Slot interfaces with which to connect
devices for simulation.
Initialization and Reset State
When first initialized, the AMD-8131 tunnel is in its default state. This is described in
detail in the AMD-8131 datasheets. Each bridge defaults with hot-plug functionality
When reset, the AMD-8131 takes on all default register values.
Contents of a BSD
The entire configuration of the AMD-8131 device, including all state and registers for its
sub devices, is saved in the BSD.
Configuration Options
The only configuration options for AMD-8131 are to enable or disable hot-plug for each
of its PCI-X bridges, as shown in Figure 7-26. You cannot enable or disable hot-plug
after a simulation has already begun.
Figure 7-26: AMD-8131™ Device Hot Plug Configuration
Differences from Real Hardware
Clock-sensitive functionality, like setting bus speeds, is not supported. Neither are system
errors or power management.