AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
62 Chapter 7: Device Configuration
Figure 7-5: DIMM-Bank Options Properties Dialog
Figure 7-5 shows the dialog for configuring DIMM-bank options.
The PDL Error Simulation Control section specifies the type of error that the DIMM
device will generate, when a memory read is attempted and when a Northbridge PDL is
set outside the valid response range. These settings apply to all four simulated DIMMs.
If Enable PDL Error Simulation is selected, then the DIMM device monitors PDL
settings for all RAM reads. The 0xFF option specifies that the return data should be
forced to all ones. The Invert option specifies that the return data should be a bitwise
inversion of the valid data.
The SMB Base Address entry selects the 8-bit address that this DIMM device responds to.
The SMB address is used for the reading of DIMM SPD data