AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Appendix A 243
A.7.22 Memory Device
1 simnow> memdevice.usage
Automation Command
Save <filename>
Creates file filename and saves the contents of the
currently loaded ROM to filename‟.
Load <filename>
Loads the specified MemDevice filename to defined
address BaseAddress.
BaseAddress <value>
Value is the base address of the device in hex.
Returns the base address of the device in hex.
SizeInBlocks <value>
Value is the total size of the memory device, given in
decimal value for the number of 32-Kbyte blocks (32-
Kbyte blocks are used because not initialized memory is
dynamically allocated when addressed in 32-Kbyte
Returns the number of 32-Kbyte blocks allocated by this
InitFile <filename>
„filename is the name of the binary file that is used to
initialize the memory contents. Note that the device
initializes memory for the content length of the file. If
you specify a 512-Kbyte ROM and use a 256-Kbyte
image file, the first 256 Kbytes are initialized.
Returns the path and name of the init file (see above
ReadOnly <0|1>
Turns (1) the memory device into a ROM. Writes to the
device are ignored when the read-only option is
Returns true if memory is read-only otherwise it returns
SystemBios <0|1>
Tells (1) the memory device that it is the system BIOS.
Returns true if memory is used as a System BIOS
otherwise it returns false.
MemAddrMask <0|1>
Enables (1) or disables (0) memory-address masking. If
enabled (1) it indicates that the address received by the
memory device is masked by a bit mask with the same
number of bits as the size of the memory device (e.g., a
256-Kbyte ROM uses an 18-bit mask, or it is masked by
0x003FFFF). This enables the ROM to be remapped
dynamically into different memory address ranges in
conjunction with the aforementioned chip select.
Returns true if memory-address masking is enabled
otherwise it returns false.
InitValEnable <0|1>
Enables (1) or disables (0) the initialized unwritten
memory option. If enabled the memory is initialized
using a specified byte (see below InitVal) otherwise the
memory is not initialized.
InitVal <hex value>
Sets byte initializer for memory that needs to be