AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
86 Chapter 7: Device Configuration
7.10 AMD 8th Generation Integrated Northbridge Device
The AMD 8th Generation Integrated Northbridge device supports the AMD 8th
generation family of processors - AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron™ processors.
Although the physical processor chip has a Northbridge built in, for simulation purposes,
the Northbridge is considered as a separate unit. Features include HyperTransport
technology (for coherent and non-coherent connections) and a memory controller. The
integrated debugging functions of the 8
generation processors are not included.
The Northbridge device has several connection points. It has multiple HyperTransport
bus ports that connects to the other AMD 8th Generation Integrated Northbridge devices,
or to HyperTransport link-capable devices (e.g., AMD-8131 PCI-X device). These ports
are mutually exclusive, and should be connected to only one other device. The
Northbridge also has a memory bus to the DIMM devices. The CPU bus gives connection
points for the CPU. The final port is a system-message bus port for connection with a
Log device. A 940-pin 8
generation processor part (AMD Opteron) has three
HyperTransport ports; a 754-pin 8
generation processor part (AMD Athlon 64) has one
HyperTransport port.
Initialization and Reset State
When first initialized, the Northbridge device is in the default state. This is described in
detail in the 8
generation processor PCI register specification.
When reset, the Northbridge device takes on all default register values.
Contents of a BSD
The BSD file contains the contents of all Northbridge registers. It also saves the contents
of any tables and the states of all internal devices (the memory controller,
HyperTransport table contents, etc.). When the BSD file is read in, all tables are filled
with past data, and all states are restored to their saved states.
Configuration Options
Figure 7-17 and Figure 7-18 show configuration options for the Northbridge.