AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
40 Chapter 5: Running the Simulator
-n --novga
Disable VGA Window.
-c --nogui
Disable GUI (console mode).
Disable mouse and keyboard inputs to
-r --register
Register the simulator with the O/S as an
automation server.
-h --help -?
Print this help message.
Table 5-1: Command-Line Arguments
For instance, to open the cheetah_1p.bsd when starting the simulator you can enter the
C:\SimNow\simnow f cheetah_1p.bsd
5.1.1 Open a Simulation Definition File
Click on and select one of the ".bsd" files located in the \SimNow” directory. The
".bsd" files contain pre-configured simulation definitions designed to model a specific
AMD processor-based computer system. For this example, load the cheetah_1p.bsd
file, from in the SimNow directory. Upon loading the BSD file, the Main Window (shown
in Figure 5-2) will be filled with three sections. The left column contains informational
graphs if selected (see Section 3.4.2, CPU-Statistics Graphs”, on page 30), the top row
contains numeric displays of simulation statistics and disk-drive access information, and
the remainder contains the Simulation Display Area of the simulated machine. The
Simulation Display Area remains blank until the simulated machine is started.