AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Appendix A 245
Automation Command
Journal <Vol #> {0|1}
Enables (1) or disables journaling for specified volume.
AddJournal <Vol #> [ <Journal
file> ]
Creates a journal for the given volume number (For file-
based journal: raid.addjournal 0 i:\c0d0j1.jrn; for in-
memory journal: raid.addjournal 0).
ResizeJournal <Vol #> [ <Old
Journal> <New Journal> ]
Resizes the journal for the given volume to the new
journal parameters.
Commit <Vol #>
Commit copies back the modified data blocks from the
journal to the disk image and clears the journals.
Clear <Vol #>
Clears the volume - discards any changes made to the
Flatten <Vol #>
Deletes the journal added last for that particular volume.
Status [ <Vol #> ] [-v | -r]
Displays the status for the RAID device or a particular
volume. -v option displays details regarding the
statistics of performance meters implemented in the
RAID device, while -r option resets the performance
SetDBC <Entries> <Depth>
<Block Size>
Set the parameters for disk block cache (For e.g.,
raid.setdbc 32768 5 512.
SetJournalParameters <Super Block
Size> <Index Block Size> <Index
Levels> <DiskBlock Size>
Set the Journal Parameters (For e.g.,
raid.setjournalparameters 8192 512 3 512).
Displays the Journal parameters.
A.7.24 DIMM
1 simnow> dimm.usage
Automation Command
PdlErrorSim (0|1)
Enables (1) or disables (0) the PDL Error Simulation. If
enabled then the DIMM device monitors PDL settings
for all RAM reads.
Returns enabled if PdlErrorSim is enabled; otherwise it
returns disabled.
OutOfRangeResp (0xFF | invert)
The Out of Range Response selection specifies how
the data should be altered if a PDL is out of range. The
0xFF option specifies that the return data should be
forced to all ones. The Invert option specifies that the
return data should be a bitwise inversion of the valid
Returns the specified options set by OutOfRangeResp.
SMBBaseAddr <addr>
The SMB Base Address entry selects the 8-bit address
that this DIMM device responds to. The SMB address is
used for the reading of DIMM SPD data.
Returns the specified SMB Base address.
ImportSPD <DimmNo> <fullpath>
ImportSPD provides the option of loading SPD ROM
data to DimmNo from the file specified by “fullpath”.
The file format is an unformatted binary image, with an
extension of “.spd”.