AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
66 Chapter 7: Device Configuration
Figure 7-7: Graphics-Device VGA Sub Device Properties Dialog
In Figure 7-7, the BIOS File option enables you to load different VGA BIOS ROMs into
the device. The VGA ROM is assumed to be a maximum of 32-Kbytes, and is assigned to
ISA bus address 0x000C0000 - 0x000C7FFF, which is the industry-standard location.
This file must be a standard binary file, with the correct header and checksum
information already incorporated.
The VGA enabled checkbox enables or disables the VGA registers. If it is not checked,
the VGA registers are not updated and the display window will not display from the
VGA frame buffer.
Frame Buffer Sub Device Configuration
In Figure 7-8, the Frame Buffer Size (Mbytes) sets the size of the frame-buffer in
megabytes. The value placed in this option is only read at reset. The frame-buffer size
can not be dynamically modified.
The Accelerator Enabled checkbox enables or disables the graphics accelerator. The
accelerator is enabled by default.
The VESA BIOS Extensions Enabled checkbox enables or disables the VESA BIOS
support. The VESA BIOS Extensions are enabled by default.