Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

3.16 Expansion Test 3 Tests and Diagnostics
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 3-33
3.16 Expansion Test
To execute the expansion test, select 11 from the DIAGNOSTICS TEST MENU, press Enter
and follow the directions on the screen.
Subtest 01 PCMCIA wraparound
Caution: PCMCIA wraparound test is not supported for this model.
Note: To execute this subtest, the PC card wraparound connector is required.
This subtest checks the following signal line of the PC card slot:
? Address line
? REG#, CE#1, CE#2 line
? Data line
? Speaker line
? Wait line
? BSY#, BVD1 line
This subtest is executed in the following order:
Sub# Address Good Bad Contents
01 00001
Address line
REG#, CE#1, CE#2
nn=A0, 90, 80, 00
02 00002 ww rr Data line
ww=write data, rr=read data
03 00003 –– –– Speaker line
04 00004 40,80 xx Wait line (40<xx<80)
05 00005 nn xx Other lines (BSY#, BVD1)
NN=21, 00
Note: Select the subtest number01, The following message will appear:
Test slot number select (1:slot0, 2:slot1, 0:slot0&1)?