Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

3.25 System Configuration 3 Tests and Diagnostics
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 3-55
3.25 System Configuration
3.25.1 Function Description
Note: To display the system configuration, the write protect tab should be OFF
position. If the tab is ON position, move the tab to OFF position and restart the
test. Otherwise the correct information cannot be acquired.
The System Configuration program contains the following configuration information for the
1. Processor Type [Code/L2 cache]
2. Chip set [VRAM]
3. BIOS ROM version [1st ID, 2nd ID]
4. Boot ROM version
5. EC total version
6. PS Microprocessor version
7. SVP parameter version [Panel/Manufacture code/Product code]
8. Micro code revision [Processor number]
9. Total Memory Size [Conventional memory]
10. Battery code
11. HWSC
12. FSB [Voltage]
13. The number of printer ports
14. The number of ASYNC ports
15. Math co-processors
16. Floppy Disk Drive [Track/Head/Sector]
17. Hard Disk Drive [Sector/Drive size/Manufacture code]
18. Optical Disk Drive [Maker/Drive type/Manufacture code/Product code]
19. T&D total version
20. Date/Time