Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

1.7 Batteries 1 Hardware Overview
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 1-19
1.7.2 Main Battery Charging Control
Battery charging is controlled by a power supply microprocessor. The power supply
microprocessor controls power supply and detects a full charge when the AC adapter and
battery are connected to the computer. The system charges the battery using quick charge or
trickle charge.
? Quick Battery Charge
When the AC adapter is connected, normal charges is used while the system is turned
on, and quick charge is used while the system is turned off or in suspend mode. Table
1-10 shows the approximate time required for charging battery.
Table 1-10 Time required for charging battery
Main battery Charging Time
Normal charge About 4 to 10 hours
Quick charge About 2.5 hours
Quick battery charge is stopped in the following cases.
1. The main battery is fully charged.
2. The main battery is removed.
3. Main battery or AC adapter voltage is abnormal.
4. Charging current is abnormal.
? Trickle charge
When the main battery is fully charged and the AC adapter is plugged in, the power
supply microcontroller automatically switches from quick charge to trickle charge.