Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

4 Replacement Procedures 4.1 Overview
4-2 PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499)
Safety precautions
Please read the following safety instructions before disassembling the computer and always
follow the instructions while working on the computer.
Danger: 1. In the case of the battery, always use authentic parts or equivalent parts
approved by Toshiba. Other batteries may have different specifications that
are incompatible with the computer and may result in fire or explosion.
Due to the risk of alkali fluid leaks, never attempt to heat or disassemble the
battery. Similarly, due to the risk of explosion, never expose the battery to
2. Some parts including the power supply and FL inverter generate high
voltages. If you need to turn on the power while disassembling the computer,
do not touch any connectors or other components due to the risk of electric
shock. Also, do not disassemble individual parts when performing routine
Warning:1. To prevent electric shock, turn off the power and unplug the AC adapter from
the power source.
2. As the battery installed to the computer is typically already charged, the risk
of electric shock remains even when the AC adapter is unplugged from the
socket. To prevent electric shock, always take off any metal jewelry or
accessories such as necklaces, bracelets or rings before working on the
computer. Never work with wet or moist hands.
3. Take care not to injury yourself on any edges or corners.
Caution: 1. Confirm that replacement parts have compatible specifications before
replacing on the computer. Never use incorrect parts as these may cause
faults on the computer.
2. To prevent internal damage such as short circuits or burning, do not allow
any screws, paper clips, or other metal objects to fall into the computer.
When removing screws, always replace with the same size screw. Ensure that
all screws are fully tightened. Loose screws may result in short circuits
leading to overheating, smoke or flame.
3. To prevent electric shock, check that you have disconnected all cable from a
part before removing the part.
4. When connecting to the AC power supply, use only an AC adapter and cable
approved by Toshiba.
5. To prevent electric shock, ensure that all replacement parts are compatible
with the computer and that all cables and connectors are securely connected.