Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

3.30 SETUP 3 Tests and Diagnostics
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 3-93
: When HDD occurs in the boot priority in the following order:
PC card and built-in HDD.
(c) Network Boot Protocol
Use this option to set the starting method via a network.
PXE Sets to PXE protocol. (Default)
RPL Sets to RPL protocol.
6. Display
This option configures the computer’s display.
(a) Power On Display
This option is used to select the display when booting up.
Auto-Selected Selects an external monitor if one is connected.
Otherwise it selects the internal LCD. (Default)
LCD + Analog RGB Selects both the internal LCD and the external CRT for
simultaneous display.
Note: When LCD + Analog RGB is selected while connecting the external display not
corresponding to SVGA mode, no image appears on the display.
(b) LCD Display Stretch
LCD Display Stretch enables or disables a larger display area of the screen.
Enabled Enables the LCD display stretch feature. (Default)
Disabled Disables the LCD display stretch feature.
(c) TV type
Selects TV type.
NTSC (JAPAN) for Japan
NTSC (US) for US
PAL for Europe