Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

View: Operator Guide
User account and password
Passwords can be assigned to a user account. Use of passwords is optional. How to
setup passwords is explained in the Admin User Guide, part no. K5403.
Fig. 2. Logging-on to a Multi system
1.2 View Window: the Sites Tab
Fig. 3. On the Sites tab, Multi sites are either Multi-Media units and/or older Multi units.
action tabs. The Sites tab is where you begin. See figure 3. Clicking other action tabs—
Tours, Log, Clips—displays different buttons on the toolbar.
session pane. Where video and text are displayed. Sessions are shown at operator’s
discretion. Sessions include: Live, Retrieval, Maintenance, Motion search, Event search
and Data search sessions. Alarm sessions can appear as alarms are triggered.
menus. The menus list commands for View.