Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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1.2.3 Site Properties
A site’s properties—name, location, and connection details—are controlled by a Multi
SA. You can view, but not edit, a site's properties.
Finding out about a site’s properties can be useful:
to check if the time zone from which images are being obtained is correctly set
to obtain a remote unit’s serial number to report a malfunction
to check the phone number on a dial-up connection, if the connection cannot
be established.
!4 To display a site’s properties
1. Using Multi View, click a site on the Sites tab.
2. To view the properties, do one of the following:
3. Click
in the Toolbar.
4. Either:
Place the mouse pointer on a site: a message appears—like a “tool tip”—,
showing information about a site.
Right-click on the site name to view the shortcut menu and select Properties
Click Properties on the Actions menu.
5. To close the Site Properties dialogue, click OK.
1.3 Your Account Information
!5 To obtain the latest site list
Click the Refresh command on the View menu or the Refresh button.
Fig. 5. Refresh command button.
The Refresh command updates:
the list of the sites and connections in your Multi-Media system
information about your Multi user account
site tours…
Your Multi SA can let you know whenever changes have been made to these items.
Using Multi-Media sites: restrictions
Your account to operate Multi-Media units can be restricted by your organization’s Multi
SA. Access to units can be denied. A time limit for operating units can be set. The time
limit is shown when you connect to a unit, and a countdown shows how much time
remains. The countdown is not shown when processing alarms: the time limit is
cancelled while processing alarms.