Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

View: Operator Guide
Fig. 69. Enabling production of still shots from video (i.e. bitmaps).
After enabling View to produce bitmaps, a stills button appears on the session toolbar
when you run live, retrieval or clip sessions. See figure 70.
Many bitmaps from one click
Stills are produced at a rhythm matching the camera frame rate. For example, setting
cameras to capture 10 frames of video per second each produces ten bitmap files
(*.BMP) per second, per open camera. The size of Multi-Media bitmap files varies with
resolution. See table 19. Stills can also be obtained while viewing a video clip; see 7.2:
Viewing a Clip, above.
Fig. 70. Button for stills— “Start Recording Bitmaps”—shown in a live session.
Honeywell recommends that when producing bitmaps for more than a few
seconds, the operator keep an eye on the PC’s hard disk; bitmap production can
quickly fill up a PC’s storage.