Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

View: Operator Guide
Viewing video from the time of the alarm
A View operator has the option of customizing if and how video from the time and site of
the alarm is received. Video can be seen:
immediately. Live video from the site where the alarm was sent is seen full-
screen. See 6.2: Live-alarmed Session. Alarms are then acknowledged and
rearmed as needed.
on request. See 6.3: Alarm Session. Video from multiple alarms can be
managed, with video retrieved as needed.
Event processing
Fig. 56. Once set to “alarm”, an event can trigger an alarm in View. The alarm’s
information is stored in the Multi central database after the alarm is acknowledged.
6.1.1 Customizing Alarms
Options for customizing alarms can be changed as needed.
!71 To customize alarm options in View
1. Display the Alarm Handling Options, by using the main View menu to click
Options and then Alarm Handling…
2. Select options as needed. Click OK. See figure 57.
Fig. 57. Multi options for video delivery options during an alarm