Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

View: Operator Guide
Do not use audio on a dial-up connection with video.
Video can be corrupted due to bandwidth limitations. Live video can be combined with
audio only on a network connection.
To minimize background noise
End audio monitoring of the Multi sites that do not need it.
Background noise can build-up as an operator monitors more sites all at once.
To talk to a Multi site
Click the channel 1 Talk button on the audio toolbar, the channel 2 Talk
button or both.
Talk is metered in the center of the peak-talk-listen metering of each channel. See figure 2.
An operator
can broadcast on either or both channels, and to as many sites at once as can be opened,
that have audio.
Talk button availability
Use of Talk, is on a first-come-first-served basis. When two or more View operators start
live sessions at one Multi site, only the first to connect to the site will find the Talk button
available. The Talk button on other View operators’ PCs is unavailable until the first user
When two View operators start live sessions at different Multi sites, each can use the
Talk button, unless one is logged into the other’s site as well.
At sites where LocalView is in use, one channel of audio can be reserved for onsite use.
View operators using these sites can use only the remaining channel of audio.
See also
video. See 2: Live Video, on p. 2–1
data. See 11.1: Live Data, on p. 11–1.
8.3 Recorded Audio
Recorded audio is available along with video when performing a retrieval session. Your
Multi system administrator (Multi SA) can inform you about which Multi sites are set to
record sound.
See also
video. See 3: Recorded Video, on p. 3–1
data. See 11: Customer Devices, on p. 11–1.