Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Live Video
Video quality: Live sessions
Video quality while monitoring live sessions can be lowered on low-speed dial-up
connections to improve the transmission time of images. It can also be heightened on
one camera for more detail, as needed.
The Video quality of recording is customized globally.
Once video is recorded, its Quality setting cannot be changed. See 4.1: Adjusting a
Video Feed on p. 4–1.
!19 To set the Video Quality on one camera
1. Do one of the following:
right-click in a camera window. A menu appears showing Video Quality.
View->Options->Video Quality.
2. Place the mouse pointer on the Video Quality command, slide to another value
and click.
!20 To set the Video Quality on all cameras used in a player, for that live session
All cameras can be set at once by pressing and holding the CTRL key on the
PC keyboard, while customizing a Video Quality setting.
2.1.5 Customizing the Time Display
Time reference
You have the option of displaying time as U
niversal Coordinated Time (UTC), or showing
the Multi-Media unit’s “r
emote” time zone (RTZ) or the View operator’s own local time
(LTZ). Check if the PC’s clock is set correctly before doing so.
“UTC” is also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
!21 To set the date and time on an operator’s PC
1. In the Microsoft Windows Control Panel, double-click the Regional Settings icon.
2. Click the Time tab; set the style, separator and symbols as required.
3. Click the Date tab; set the Short date style and Date separator as required.
!22 To set the time reference on an operator’s PC
1. Using View, on its main View menu (see figure 11) click Options, then Time
Reference. The Show Time Reference As dialog is displayed.
2. Set the time display reference to either your local time zone (LTZ), the camera’s
remote time zone (RTZ) or to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
3. Click OK.