Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

View: Operator Guide
Surveillance common sense
View operators may find that security video from outside world and customer-device
events is usually more informative than from other events. For example, viewing video
from the time of an alarm, caused by an intrusion detection sensor at your site, makes
good sense. Video from the time of a session start might/might not make as much sense
since the event did not happen at a Multi site. For a list of outside world, customer-
device and other events, see table 16 on p. 6–17.
6.5.1 Dealing with Multiple Alarms
!82 To switch to video from one alarm to another
1. While running an alarm session, select more than one alarm from the session’s
tear-away player. To select specific alarms, use MS-Windows mouse and
keyboard techniques.
2. Click Video. When a site has many cameras, you are asked to select one or
more. A Retrieval session starts, displaying the date and time of the earliest
alarm that you selected at step 1.
3. To display a list of the other alarms selected at step 1, click the arrow at the
right of the item box; an item box can be seen in figure 61.
4. Select an alarm in the list that appears.
5. To display the Alarm session, click “Alarms”, below the name of the site on the
Site action tab.
6.6 Controlling an Onsite Device: Output
Like other Multi features, use of outputs to control onsite devices is optional. Ask your
Multi SA if such devices are connected to the Rapid Eye Multi-Media unit(s) in
your system.
Taking action, before, during or after an alarm
You can use outputs to remotely control onsite devices such as lights, sirens, or gates.
Before you can use outputs ...
To use the outputs, View operators need specific rights in their user account. Your Multi
SA has to:
add the Use outputs and Live video rights to the user account. This enables a
View operator to run a live session and click the output buttons.
grant access to the site(s) assigned to the operator by supervisor.
!83 To use an output
The outputs are displayed during a Live session. Click the output that matches
the device. Your Multi SA can inform you as to which output matches which