Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

In many situations, unwarranted recording of audio can be unlawful. Check with
local authorities if you are unsure.
8.4 Setting Up
Audio setup is performed during a maintenance session. Microphones, speakers, and so
on are needed for audio, both at the operator’s station and at the Multi-Media site. For
audio setup procedures, see the Multi-Media Unit Installation Instructions, K9696 and the
Admin User Guide, K5403.
8.5 Audio for Multi-Media LT
8.5.1 Broadcasting and Monitoring Audio
Audio from a Multi-Media LT unit offers a single channel of audio that can be used
during live sessions and retrieval sessions.
Do not use audio on a dial-up connection with video.
Video can be corrupted due to bandwidth limitations. Live video can be combined with
audio only on a network connection or from a LocalView station.
Audio toolbar
The audio toolbar for a Multi-Media LT unit shows one talk and one listen button. See
figure 3.
Fig. 3. Audio toolbar for a Multi-Media LT unit, when using View.
!110 To interrupt an audio broadcast
Use either the microphone’s ON/OFF switch or the Talk button. Do not use the
gain controls in Maintenance.