Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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12.1 Camera Schedule
Basic schedule
By default, all of a Multi-Media unit’s cameras are assigned to the basic schedule.
Customizing the basic schedule coordinates the recording of all cameras on that unit.
!127 To customize the basic schedule on one unit
1. Continue or start a maintenance session for the Rapid Eye site, as explained in
the Admin User Guide.
2. To use the Basic schedule grid, click the Recording Schedule tab.
3. The schedule grid can be modified in various ways, either:
cell-by-cell. Click the cells of the Basic schedule grid as needed. Clicking the
cells toggles recording from ON to OFF, or OFF to ON. See figure 81.
by a block of cells. Drag the mouse pointer over cells. Release the mouse
button and the cells within the dragged area change color; a menu appears
showing Fill block and Clear block commands. Click a command, as needed.
globally. Click the other mouse button to display a menu of commands for
customizing more than one cell at once: Clear row, Clear column, and so on.
!128 To customize the basic schedule on other units
You have the option of repeating procedure !127 for other Multi-Media units in
your system.
12.1.1 Holiday and Exception
For cameras
Holidays and exception days on the Recording schedule and Alarm schedule tabs are
set using the same procedure.
Fig. 82. Specifying a holiday for the next few years.