Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Recorded Video
Power outages and so on, can temporarily stop a unit from recording. When
recording resumes, there is a “hole” in the video archive. These holes can cause
the later media indicator to appear.
!44 To obtain a report on later media
If after skipping through video (see above) a later media indicator appears and
flashes, click its clock-face icon. A report appears, as in figure 30. Right-clicking
hides the icon and no report is produced.
Fig. 30. Obtaining a later media report.
3.2.3 Top-of-the-minute
Skipping to “two minutes later”, from 10:02:57 brings you to 10:04:00, the top of the
minute (not 10:04:57.) The same applies to jumping to later/earlier times using other
intervals. See table 10 for more examples.