Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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6.7.3 Customer Device
Selecting a customer device
Your Multi SA configures your Multi system to deal with customer devices. For example,
a retail store wants to obtain video of employees at a point of sale (POS), when goods
are purchased. Figure 63 shows what the Data Recording tab might look like.
!88 To set an alarm for a customer device
1. Continue or start a maintenance session. See 6.7.1: Maintenance Session.
2. Click the Data Recording tab. Customer devices are listed in the Devices box.
See the example in figure 63.
3. Select a device. Its events are listed in the Events box. Events are set by your
Multi SA. There could be no events for a device. The example in figure 63
shows events.
4. Select one event.
5. Add a checkmark to the Alarm box, the Log box, both or none.
6. Click Update.
7. For other customer device events, repeat steps 3 to 6, as needed.
8. Click Apply/Reset. From now on, should these events occur, an alarm is
triggered in View.
Fig. 63 . Events for a customer device are listed in a maintenance session. You can use
these events to trigger an alarm, be logged, or both. Here, events from a cash register
“device” are listed.