Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Searching for Motion
5.6 False Positive Reports
Motion search can be triggered by changes in lighting or movement outside of an area
of interest.
5.6.1 Flashing Lights
A Source of false positives
A computer monitor can also be a source of false positives. To unmask it or a flashing
light from a search for motion, see figure 51.
!65 To mask out a flashing monitor
1. After preparing a motion search (see 5.2, Preparation), click
, the Show /
Hide mask button.
2. Click on areas of the image where there are computer monitors, television sets
or other sources of flashing light that need to be excluded from a search for
motion. As you click, blocks appear. See figure 51, image 2.
3. Show the masking commands, by placing the mouse pointer on the large video
image and right-clicking.
4. Click Invert Mask. See figure 51, image 3.
Fig. 51. Masking sources of false positive reports. Here, the flashing of a PC monitor is
masked, followed by the Invert Mask command.
Procedure !
!56, on p. 5–6 also explains how to exclude an area.