Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Searching for Motion
5.2.1 Early “From”; Future “To”
First available video
From. If the “from time…” for a motion search is a time at which the unit was not
recording video, the first image after the requested time is displayed. A flashing later
media icon appears, indicating that the image in a still frame is later than the “from time”
requested. See figures 39 and 40. The earliest date that can be selected using the
calendar utility is January first, 2000.
Fig. 39. The icon for the later media indicator resembles a clock face.
!51 To obtain the time offset of later media
Click the later media icon. If the image is dark, check the time in the Offset
Image Time window to find out if, for example, the video was recorded at night.
Fig. 40. Requesting video from a time when none is available.
Future date and time
To. Requests for a future date or time cannot be requested.
Power outages and so on, can temporarily stop a unit from recording. When
recording resumes, there is a “hole” in the video archive. These holes can cause
the later media indicator to appear.