Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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5.6.2 Smaller Detection Masks
The easiest solution for false reports of motion is to use smaller masks to search for
motion. For example: to search for the opening of a door, when many people walk by
that door, set the motion search mask on the top corner of the door. See figure 52.
Fig. 52. A small detection mask. Dotted line shows lower bound of the mask.
Motion masks behave differently when used to trigger alarms. Read about motion
detection in the Admin User Guide.
Fig. 53. Masking the entrance/exit to a parking lot. You can search for arrival and
departure times by using masks at entry points to an area, and/or at the boundaries of
an image. Use of a mask excludes unmasked areas from being searched for movement.