Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Customer Devices
Technical users who know how to use a regular expression (RE) benefit most
from using the special characters in a rule.
11.3.2 Defining a Data Message
What you need to know
You can define messages from a customer device as:
customer-device events for Multi, during a maintenance session, by using the
Data Recording tab (illustrated in figure 80). This is usually best handled by
your Multi SA.
- or using -
ad hoc means, by typing in a data rule and using regular expressions.
Fig. 80. The rule for a customer event can be viewed on the Data Recording tab.
Before defining customer events, a View operator needs:
specific rights in an operator account: (a) the Modify configuration right and (b)
access to the site that is plugged into the customer-device.
to know how rules (“strings” of text) are formatted by the customer device.
confirmation that the Multi SA has configured Multi to use the customer
Listing customer devices
Let us suppose that the owner of a retail store wants to obtain video of an employee at a
point of sale (POS), when goods are purchased.
Assume that a cash register is connected to a Multi-Media unit. Your Multi SA has
consulted the manufacturer of the cash register to obtain its communication settings and
configured Multi to use the unit.