Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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Table 8
Position after close of session, for PTZ cameras
Session ends... Behavior
Stay put The camera remains in the last position used by the operator. If it
is panning, it keeps on panning; if it is not moving, it stays put.
The “stay put” behavior makes available the Return to Auto-iris
and Return to Auto-focus options.
Go to preset 1 The camera returns to “preset 1” configured using Multi.
Start tour 1* Some camera models can keep moving when not in use by an
* A “PTZ tour” differs from site tours; see 9: Watching Site Tours.
PTZ and motion search
Video recorded while a PTZ dome or camera can be searched for motion. When the
camera is fixed, results are as expected; see 5: Searching for Motion, on p. 5–1.
However, motion search is not effective on video recorded as a PTZ camera is panning,
tilting or zooming. If you plan to use motion search on a PTZ camera, use “Stay put” or a
preset after close of session. See table 8. Motion search can also be used to find out
when a PTZ camera was moved, if that camera should be staying put.
2.3.2 PTZ Command Reference
Table 9
PTZ commands on toolbar
Button Function Result
zoom in - zoom out (+) subjects in the camera window
appear closer
(-) subjects in the camera window
appear further away
opens/closes the
aperture* of the camera
increases/decreases the brightness of
the video feed
focuses the camera
sharpens (F+) or dulls (F-) subjects in
the camera window, depending on
governs the amount of
panning, tilting and
selects a “nudge” factor of small (S),
medium (M) or large (L)
Use and action of some functions may depend on dome manufacturer.
Ultrak KD6i domes & auto-aperture
Before an aperture setting can be changed manually on an Ultrak KD6i dome, the
operator needs to turn OFF the auto-aperture. Auto-aperture is also known as “auto-iris”.