Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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Testing recording
If audio recording is used, Honeywell recommends testing if the recorded audio meets
your needs. After recording a few typical audio interactions, run a retrieval session to
hear what was recorded. You may need to further adjust the gain controls for
microphones and the volume on your speaker systems. Testing while audio interference
occurs (alarm bells and so on) can reveal other needs.
Fig. 4. Audio tab detail. You have the option of recording audio.
In many situations, unwarranted recording of audio can be unlawful. Check with
local authorities if you are unsure.
Loud alarms can interfere with microphones or a speaker at times when they could
be needed most.
8.6 Eagle Audio
Eagle Audio is an optional audio interface; it is discussed in the Multi and Eagle Audio
Configuration Guide, part number K9203. Eagle Audio is not explained or described in
this document.