Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Alarms and Events
Table 16
Event reference, by source and tab.
Source Event in maintenance,
except where noted
Cause: an alarm or log entry
could indicate …
System: no video recording* a cut cable, dead camera, power
Inputs: activate, input ports 1
to 16
Inputs: deactivate, input
ports 1 to 16
security sensor has been triggered or
the Multi-Media unit is booting
security sensor has been reset or the
unit is booting
Video: signal unlock,
cameras 1 to 16
cut cable, hardware failure in a Rapid
Eye Multi Multi-Media unit, faulty
camera… Can be momentary.
Video: lock
, cameras 1 to 16 a buggy camera; time since video
unlock helps troubleshooting
Motion: Not on Event tab; on
the Video tab.
intruder, a change in lighting, fire, an
explosion, vermin, and so on.
user defined: Not on Event
tab; on Serial Devices tab.
transaction made using hardware at a
customer’s facility
Session: connect, reject and
use/misuse of View to connect to or
disconnect from a site. Session
rejections can also be watched
Maintenance: changes to
configuration, security, time,
storage and so on…
use/misuse of maintenance by an
operator or Multi SA; for example to
monitor Clear storage or Synchronize
time by operator of View
Outputs: activate, output
ports 1 to 8
use/misuse of an onsite device by a
View operator ex.: locking a gate at a
site, by remote control
Outputs: deactivate, output
ports 1 to 8
use/misuse of an onsite device by a
View operator
ex.: unlocking a gate at a site, by
remote control
System: no video recording* camera disabled by View operator
System: reboot use/misuse of Reboot command by
System: failure, self-restart,
power failure or catastrophic failure of
System: No video recording* failure of unit’s video hardware
System: time server,
no synch, clock drift…
failure of network or network’s time
System: disk failure warning of imminent failure of storage
* Some events are repeated in the table: their source can vary. For example: an alarm
triggered by an “outside world” events can also be triggered by rebooting a unit.
A Multi SA can set a Video lock event to be only logged rather than trigger an alarm.
Some configuration settings can be changed onsite, using LocalView. These changes
are not logged nor do they trigger an alarm when the configuration event is set tot do so.