Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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2.3 Pan, Tilt and Zoom
Like most of the Multi security features, use of cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ)
is optional. Your Multi SA can inform you if PTZ cameras are connected to Multi-Media
unit(s) in your system.
Before you can use a PTZ camera ...
To use the PTZ controls, your Multi SA first has to:
add the Use PTZ right to a View operator account. This enables the PTZ toolbar in
a live session.
- and to -
grant access to the site(s) assigned to operator(s) by their supervisors.
Your Multi SA sets View to control PTZ cameras. You will notice that “[PTZ]” is added to
the title bar of a camera window when running a live session using a PTZ camera.
Buttons for PTZ commands appear on the toolbar when a PTZ camera window is
selected. See figure 23.
Fig. 23. Using the mouse to control PTZ cameras. As you move the mouse-pointer
through a PTZ camera window, the pointer changes to a white octagon or to an arrow
with a number.
!29 To see PTZ controls in a live session
1. Run a live session at a site that has PTZ-type cameras. To find out how to run a
live session, see procedure 9 on p. 2–1.
2. Click a camera window that displays [PTZ] in its name.
3. You can see the pan (i.e., turn) controls by moving the mouse-pointer in the
camera window, as illustrated in figure 23.