Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

View: Operator Guide
The cameras connected to a Multi-Media unit are detected automatically. You can name
a camera and adjust a camera’s picture settings during a maintenance session.
!47 To configure a Rapid Eye site’s camera(s)
1. Run a maintenance session at the site.
2. Click the Video tab and adjust Picture controls as needed. See figure 34. The
adjustments are made on the fly; you do not need to click the Apply button, as
for older Multi units.
3. You have the option of renaming cameras as shown in figure 34.
Right to change camera settings
A View-operator account may not have the right to run a maintenance session to modify
a camera’s configuration. Ask your Multi SA about account rights and camera settings.
Honeywell recommends that changes to camera settings be tested by running
Live and Retrieval sessions, by a View operator or by the Multi SA.
Extreme settings can produce recorded video that might not meet your organization’s
security needs.
4.1.1 Configuration Tips
Common sense caution
The flexibility that Multi offers lets you configure the system beyond the capacity of Multi
to perform to your configuration specification. In these situations, you will observe slower
live video and other symptoms of an overtaxed system.
In a straightforward usage situation, such as when Multi-Media unit is used as a Digital
Video Recorder (DVR), recording rates can reach those listed in table 14:
Table 14
Multi-Media unit recording rates
capture cards in unit images per second* per unit
1 20
2 40
3 60
4 80
* This ideal maximum depends on the complexity and motion of images.