Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Clips and Stills
!108 To produce bitmaps of a camera feed
While running a live, retrieval or clip session, click the stills button. The button
starts flashing.
!109 To stop producing bitmaps of a camera feed
While the stills button is flashing, click it.
7.4.2 Still: Name Reference
Fig. 71. Stills listed on the Clips action tab. Note the *.bmp files.
Microsoft Windows file explorer
The File Type for bitmaps is “Bitmap Image” in Windows. File names are a combination
of the site name, camera name and a number, each separated by an underscore.
For example, the file name of an image (saved as a still) could be:
Oddham Boardroom 219_Hallway_00000192.bmp .
You have the option of renaming stills.
Honeywell recommends leaving the file extension as “.bmp”.
The name’s parts are defined in table 18.
Table 18
Name format for Multi stills (bitmaps with *.bmp extensions)
Example Meaning
Oddham Boardroom 219 site name
Hallway Camera name
00000192 eight-digit, sequence number
.bmp extension
Bitmap Image
Microsoft Windows file Type