Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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3.2.2 Skipping Through Video
For quickly spotting recorded video, use the skip-to-time slider.
!42 To spot video by skipping through it
Drag the skip-to-time slider to the right of its center position.
The amount of skip appears as a tool tip on the slider. See figure 27. After using the time
slider, the time in a Camera window caption changes and the skip-to-time slider returns
to a central, “Now” position. Skipping can be combined with playback speed (see
above) to optimize scanning of video.
Fig. 27. Skipping to a later time.
!43 To return to an event you have just seen
1. Set the speed slider to scan the video at a comfortable speed.
2. Jump to a time before the event by repeatedly dragging the time jumper to the
left of its center position by small amounts.
3. Place the mouse pointer above the pause button.
4. When the event occurs, click pause.
“Top-of-the-minute” means that the jump-to-time slider rounds partial minutes to
the earliest time.
Go to
When you know the time of the recorded video that you need, click Go to. This displays
a Go To a Specific Time dialog for typing a date and time (see figure 28).
Fig. 28. Go to viewing video recorded at another date and time
First available video, sound or data
later media. If an operator requests video from a time at which the unit was not recording,
the first image after the requested time is displayed. The same applies to data and sound.
Later media is indicated by an icon that flashes in the upper-right corner of the Retrieval
window to indicate that what is being monitored is later than the “from time” that the
operator requested.
Fig. 29. The later media indicator resembles a clock face.