Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

2 Live Video
Live video versus recorded video
Using a Live session, you can access and monitor the video feed of many cameras at
once, and even access many Multi sites, all at once.
This section shows how to:
obtain live video
use cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom
end a Live session.
See also
recorded video. See 3: Recorded Video, starting on p. 3–1
data. See 11.1: Live Data, on p. 11–1.
audio. See 8.2: Live Audio on p. 8–1
On a dial-up connection: do not use audio. Video can be corrupted by using audio
over dial-up. Live video can be combined with audio only on a network
2.1 Viewing Live Video
Start by selecting a Multi site and then running a Live session. Select which cameras to
use. Video reaches your PC until the Live session ends.
2.1.1 Starting a Live Session
!9 To start a live session at a site
1. Run View; to do so, see 1.1: Starting View, on p. 1–1.
2. After selecting a site, do one of the following:
on the toolbar.
Double-click the site name. If a live session is already running, double-clicking
the site name has no effect.
Right-click on the site name; on the shortcut menu that appears, click Live.
Click Live on the Actions menu.