Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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!11 To move and size a tear-away player window
You can drag a player window from the View window. When dragged away, an
asterisk is added to the title of the tear-away player’s name.
!12 To return a tear-away player to its session pane
Click either:
. The Embed button. It appears when a tear-away player is dragged from
the session window.
Embed command, on a session’s Windows menu.
A player returns to the session pane. When not embedded, an asterisk is added to the
title of the tear-away player’s name.
Renaming cameras
Your Multi SA has the option of renaming cameras from the default “Camera 1”,
“Camera 2”… and so on. See page 4–1, figure 34.
Printing an image
Printouts of images from a video feed can be made only during the retrieval of recorded
video or when watching a video clip. See 7.4: Stills, on p. 7–7.
2.1.3 Managing Video Feeds
!13 To move, size and tile camera windows
1. Each tear-away player has its own menu, listing commands for the orderly
display of camera and text windows.
2. Individual feeds can be dragged and resized within a session window, as
!14 To discard a video feed
Close the video feed’s camera window. See figure 10. Ending a live session
discards all video feeds.
Closing unnecessary camera windows can increase the speed of video feeds
from that site, most noticeably when connected using dial-up.
!15 To reopen a closed camera window
1. Display the site’s Stream List by clicking Add Stream on the player’s File menu,
for a list of unused video feeds. You can see a Stream List in figure 8, on p. 2–3.
2. Choose one or more cameras.
3. Click OK. You may have to use the scroll bars to view the newly opened window.