Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

11 Customer Devices
11.1 Live Data
Messages from hardware
Hardware devices that provide messages over a serial cable can be connected to a
Multi-Media unit. These messages can be viewed in real time, in a live session.
See also
video. Section 2: Live Video, on p. 2–1.
audio. Section 8.2: Live Audio on p. 8–1.
11.2 Recorded Data
View can be used to search for messages from non-Multi hardware devices/systems
such as: cash registers, door access sensors, a guest registration system, and so on.
Recorded video can be obtained from the time of the message. This technique is a
powerful asset to surveillance technology.
A cash register is used as an example to illustrate the procedures in this section.
See also
video. See 3: Recorded Video, on p. 3–1.
audio. See 8.3: Recorded Audio: on p. 8–2.
11.3 Searching for Data
Before searching for customer events:
Data devices need to be connected and assigned to a Multi-Media unit.
A View operator needs to know how to identify the rule (“string” of text) of the
event. You can also use regular expressions to search for rules. Regular
expressions are listed in table 20, on p. 11–4.
You can use the search results to:
view video from the time of an event
print the details of an event
save the event details to a *.txt file.