Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Clips and Stills
7.2 Viewing a Clip
Play options
Using View, you can play
one clip at different speeds, as during a retrieval session.
many clips at once, each in its own session. Use this to compare two scenes
or two subjects at different times.
- or -
copies of the same clip. Use this to compare a clip with itself, to note minute
details of what is captured on video, or to compare two times within the same
Fig. 68. List of clips on the Clips action tab
!101 To view a clip
1. Click the Clips action tab in the Multi View window.
2. To view the clip, do one of the following:
Double-click its name on the Clips action tab.
Click its name and click [Play] on the Toolbar.
- or -
Right-click on its name in the Clips action tab and select [Play].
!102 To view a clip in reverse
For clips, Backwards and Rewind VCR-like buttons are added to the playback
toolbar. Click them as required.
7.2.1 Using MultiClip Player
The MultiClip Player utility can play back clips on personal computers that are not part of
the Rapid Eye / Multi system. It is available for free, from:
!103 To play *.rem files with the MultiClip Player program
1. Use standard Windows techniques to install REMClip.exe to a workstation.
2. Obtain a clip (*.rem file) from a Multi View user.
3. Associate *.rem files with MultiClipPlayer.exe, using standard Windows
4. Open the clip.
There is no need for MultiClip Player on a PC running View software; MultiClip Player
cannot be installed on PCs running View software.